China’s Robo-Ride Rules: A Futuristic Guide to Regulating Robotaxis

January 24, 2024

The China robotaxi industry is facing regulatory challenges as it seeks to regain public trust and find a viable business model. Many companies are grappling with the aftermath of high-profile accidents and are struggling to determine how to operate safely and profitably. Zeyi Yang, a China reporter, has examined the Chinese robotaxi scene and its future prospects. While the industry is mainly focused on the US, the Chinese players are also closely watched. The article highlights the need for the industry to address safety concerns and establish a sustainable business model.

One important aspect of the industry is the regulation of self-driving cars. San Francisco has filed a lawsuit that aims to limit the expansion of self-driving car services, while Waymo is planning to launch a new fleet in Los Angeles. The article argues that it is time to consider how to regulate robotaxis and make decisions about their future.

The article also touches on other technology news, including Apple’s dispute with the EU over non-App Store downloads, Amazon being fined for excessive employee surveillance, and the potential of AI in developing new battery materials and improving the power grid. It also discusses a Chinese startup working on generative AI’s first killer apps, China’s exploitation of a tax loophole to ship packages, and the potential of spreading rock dust on farms to remove atmospheric CO2.

The article concludes with a section called “We can still have nice things,” which offers some light-hearted content and distractions from the news cycle.

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