Tech experts slain in Israeli strikes on Gaza: Euro-Med

March 17, 2024

Article Summary


– Israeli military targeted and killed dozens of information technology experts in Gaza Strip

– The attacks aimed to hinder development of Palestinian society by destroying companies and infrastructure

Dozens of technology experts, including programmers, computer engineers, and artificial intelligence experts, have been systematically targeted and killed by the Israeli military in Gaza, according to the Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor. The attacks have also resulted in the deaths of employees and influencers in these vital sectors, as well as the destruction of companies and infrastructure in the region. Euro-Med documented specific cases, such as the killing of a prominent programming engineer along with his wife, and the program director of a technological incubator along with his entire family.

The Israeli regime’s actions have been condemned by around a hundred European academics for the systematic destruction of the educational system in Gaza. The regime’s targeting of Palestinian talents and elites, including doctors and academics, is seen as an attempt to undermine the scientific, educational, and economic systems in Gaza. The humanitarian situation in Gaza has been described as “beyond catastrophic” by the UN Population Fund.

Since the start of the offensive, the Israeli military has killed thousands of Palestinians and injured even more. The complete siege imposed by Israel has cut off essential resources like fuel, electricity, food, and water to over two million Palestinians living in Gaza. The crimes committed by the regime are intended to deprive vital sectors of Palestinian society of specialized personnel and create a sense of panic and coercion among remaining talents.

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