iTWire partners with Garland Technology to optimize critical infrastructure operations.

March 18, 2024


  • Wavelink and Garland Technology have announced a new distribution agreement to offer network visibility solutions.
  • Garland Technology’s products include Network TAPs, data diodes, and packet brokers.

Wavelink and Garland Technology have partnered to provide critical network visibility solutions to various industries, such as mining, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and critical infrastructure. The distribution agreement allows Wavelink to offer Garland Technology’s products to its partners, enabling them to implement robust security measures in response to cyber threats. Garland Technology’s solutions, including Network TAPs and packet brokers, offer non-intrusive access to data traffic, optimizing network performance and security. Chris Bihary, CEO of Garland Technology, highlights the increasing demand for network visibility solutions in operational technology environments and the significance of the partnership with Wavelink in the Australian market. Ilan Rubin, CEO of Wavelink, emphasizes the alignment between Garland Technology’s products and Wavelink’s mission to deliver innovative solutions to safeguard digital assets and enhance network performance. With enhanced network visibility and security capabilities, organizations can protect against threats and optimize their operations, leading to better business outcomes.

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