AI creation hushes reggaeton noise with precision.

March 17, 2024


  • Roni Bandini created an invention called Reggaeton Be Gone, which blocks Bluetooth speakers playing reggaeton songs.
  • The machine uses artificial intelligence to detect the genre and interfere with the speakers.

In the article “An invention to silence reggaeton with artificial intelligence,” Argentine citizen Roni Bandini’s creation of the Reggaeton Be Gone machine is highlighted. Bandini developed this device to address the issue of his neighbor playing loud reggaeton music every day. The machine works by interfering with Bluetooth signals from speakers that are playing reggaeton songs.

To create the device, Bandini trained an AI system to recognize reggaeton songs and then used a Linux computer to scan Bluetooth signals. Once a reggaeton song is identified, the machine generates signal interferences to disrupt the speakers. Despite being hailed as a hero in Argentina for his invention, Bandini’s creation has raised ethical and regulatory concerns, as frequency jammers like his device are illegal in many countries.

Bandini defends his invention, stating that it does not block frequencies but floods the speakers with requests to interfere with the music. While some may question the ethics of his creation, Bandini’s Reggaeton Be Gone is gaining attention and popularity, with many custom orders coming in to block other music genres as well.

Bandini has no long-term plans for the industry but is pleased with the positive reception and interest in maker culture that his invention has sparked. He has shared tutorials, demos, and code online, attracting millions of views. Despite the controversy surrounding the device, Bandini remains focused on sharing his knowledge and expertise through workshops and conferences on the subject.

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