China’s Robo Rules: Download the Future of Robotaxis

January 24, 2024

In China, regulations for the development and deployment of robotaxis are starting to take shape. The article explains that robotaxi companies in China face several challenges, including gaining public trust and identifying viable business models. The author highlights the work of Zeyi Yang, a China reporter, who examines the state of the robotaxi industry in China. The article also mentions a lawsuit filed by San Francisco against self-driving car companies to limit their rapid expansions. The EU is also mentioned for its intention to force Apple to permit non-App Store downloads. Additionally, the article covers topics such as Amazon’s fine for excessively surveilling workers, the potential role of AI in developing battery materials, the expected surge in global electricity demand, generative AI’s potential in China, and a tax loophole exploited by Chinese fast fashion giants. The article concludes with various fun and interesting stories about technology.

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