Introducing Boring Mattress Co: Tuft & Needle’s Basics Reimagined

January 26, 2024


A new startup called Boring Mattress Co has been launched by the founders of Tuft & Needle, Daehee Park and Tyler Marino, in an attempt to simplify the mattress shopping experience. While Tuft & Needle grew rapidly and reached $170 million in revenue, it eventually merged with Serta Simmons, which filed for bankruptcy in 2023. The founders of Boring Mattress Co want to avoid the mistakes made by other direct-to-consumer (DTC) mattress brands by offering a simple, no-frills option and avoiding excessive options and unnecessary features. The startup will also prioritize customer transparency and has no plans to take on outside funding.

The mattress industry has become complicated and expensive in recent years due to the growing number of bed-in-a-box brands, rising prices, and the proliferation of mattress review sites. The founders of Boring Mattress Co believe that launching yet another mattress brand can simplify the industry by offering a more straightforward shopping experience. They aim to keep costs down and avoid the trappings that other brands have fallen into by limiting wholesale partnerships and refusing to work with affiliate mattress sites. The startup is self-funded and hopes to stand out with its punchy brand messaging in the crowded mattress advertising market.

However, the mattress industry as a whole has faced challenges in recent years, with soft demand and more disciplined consumer spending affecting growth. The rising cost of paid marketing, especially on platforms like Facebook and Google, has made customer acquisition difficult for mattress brands. Boring Mattress Co hopes to overcome this challenge with its unique brand messaging and polarizing approach.

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