NAMM 2024: Unleash the Beat with Cutting-Edge Music Tech

January 27, 2024

TLDR: NAMM 2024: All updates in Music Technology

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) has unveiled the latest music technology innovations at its 2024 expo. Key highlights include:

  • Korg’s new products such as the microKORG synth, opsix mk2, and Kaoss Pad
  • Genelec’s 8381A studio monitor with Point Source Precision
  • Beyerdynamic’s limited edition DT 770 Pro X headphones
  • Kii Audio’s Kii SEVEN studio monitor
  • Neumann’s MT 48 immersive audio interface
  • Pioneer DJ’s AlphaTheta debuting the OMNIS-DUO Controller and Wave-Eight Speakers
  • Yamaha’s SEQTRAK music production hub
  • Audio-Technica’s new IEM monitor system
  • Audeze’s headphones with Dolby Atmos head tracking
  • AMS Neve’s new audio offerings: ADA16, DM256, and Genesys G3D
  • Headliner’s R4 rotary mixer
  • Easy iLok licensing integration with Shopify
  • Nord’s Grand 2 Synth
  • Audiomovers’ OMNIBUS 3.0 with networking capability
  • Avid’s new Pro Tools and Sibelius innovations
  • BOSS’s VE-22 pedal for vocals
  • Roland’s BRIDGE CAST X for gamers
  • JUCE 8 framework for audio application and plug-in development
  • NUGEN’s VisLM 3 Loudness Manager for music streaming
  • KIT Plugins’ preview of BB A Chamber

The NAMM 2024 expo showcases the growing versatility and precision of music technology design through new hardware, software, and machine learning innovations. For the complete list of updates and showcases, access the 2024 flipbook.

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