Universities prioritize academic integrity for an AI-driven future approach.

January 27, 2024


– Studies show that 75% of students would continue using AI tools even if they were banned by their professors or schools.
– Universities are considering how to address academic integrity in an AI-filled future.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, universities are grappling with how to maintain academic integrity. A study sponsored by Turnitin found that 75% of the students surveyed would continue using AI tools even if their professors or schools banned the technology. This has led faculty and school officials to create new guidelines and curriculum to adapt.

The use of AI tools raises concerns about cheating and the potential for students to avoid doing original work. Biola University Associate Provost for Curriculum and Instruction, Cherry McCabe, noted that while cheating is not new, AI presents new challenges. The university considered using campus-wide AI-detection software, but ultimately decided against it, recognizing that policing alone will not solve the problem. McCabe emphasized the importance of small class sizes and strong faculty-student relationships as key ways to promote academic integrity.

Pepperdine University is taking a different approach by using software like Turnitin to detect AI usage. The university allows faculty members to use their professional judgment in incorporating AI tools into their coursework and advising students on their use.

The study sponsored by Turnitin also revealed that both faculty and students believe AI tools are necessary for success in the workforce. Students, such as Joseph Hartono, expressed their daily reliance on AI tools for various purposes. Some students have already experienced AI integration into their professions through the classes they take.

While nearly half of the students surveyed see a positive impact of AI on their learning, fewer faculty members now believe AI is negatively impacting education. As universities navigate the evolving AI landscape, they must strike a balance between utilizing AI tools for educational enhancement and maintaining academic integrity.

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