BMW 5 Series: Boldly Harnessing the Future with Neue Klasse Tech.

January 29, 2024


– BMW will be equipping its current models with the full-width Panoramic Vision head-up display, not just the next-generation Neue Klasse vehicles.
– The new HUD will be offered on the 5 Series and will be available in various models, including sedans, station wagons, and China’s long-wheelbase model.

Good news for fans of BMW’s innovative technology, as the full-width Panoramic Vision head-up display will be featured in the current 5 Series models. This means that the new interface won’t be limited to the next-generation Neue Klasse vehicles. The information was shared by a Bimmer Post user known for accurate predictions.

The new HUD will be available in various models of the 5 Series, including the sedan, station wagon, China’s long-wheelbase model, and the M5 variant. The roll-out of the new interface is expected to coincide with the Life Cycle Impulse/facelift of the G6X BMW 5 Series, with production of the wagon starting in March, followed by the sedan in July, and the M5 Touring in November.

The Panoramic Vision head-up display includes a curved display at the bottom of the windshield, offering clear and easy-to-read information to keep the driver’s focus on the road. It will be complemented by a new head-up display that will project relevant data in the driver’s line of sight, such as speed, drive mode, location, and media. The central display will also feature matrix backlighting technology for crisp and clear imagery.

While the Panoramic Vision system is expected to be introduced in 2027, the existing iDrive Operating System 8.5 will be used in the new M5 model until then. However, the next-generation iDrive system will be available in the Neue Klasse cars starting from next year. More details about the new system are expected to be announced closer to the launch of the first Neue Klasse vehicles.

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