Honda’s CR-V SUV: Fueling the future with hydrogen-cell power

February 14, 2024

Honda has revealed a prototype of its CR-V SUV that runs on hydrogen fuel-cell technology. The vehicle, showcased in a teaser video, features a medium-capacity battery pack with a fuel cell powered by hydrogen. This enables the SUV to operate as both a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle and a fully electric vehicle. The CR-V with hydrogen fuel-cell technology is expected to launch in Japan and the United States later this year. The vehicle is equipped with a battery pack that allows for a range of around 81 kilometers in electric mode, and also has Vehicle to Load (V2L) capacity, enabling it to power external electrical equipment. The hydrogen SUV model is slightly different in design from the standard CR-V SUVs, with new taillights and a charging port on the left side front fender. Honda plans to manufacture 2,000 units of the CR-V hydrogen fuel-cell SUVs annually, replacing its discontinued Clarity model.

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