Curious about the future of courtroom technology? Brace for complexity.

February 17, 2024


Key Points:

  • Courts underwent major disruption due to the pandemic, leading to increased use of technology.
  • Judges discussed current and future trends in courtroom technology at ABA Techshow 2024.

In a panel discussion at ABA Techshow 2024, Judge Scott Schlegel and Judge Herbert B. Dixon Jr. talked about the impact of technology on courtrooms. Schlegel highlighted the benefits of online calendaring tools and remote hearings in improving efficiency. However, there is resistance to widespread adoption of technology in courtrooms due to lack of uniform judicial ethics rules and funding disparities among jurisdictions.

Judge Dixon raised the question of whether judges have a duty to be competent in technology, highlighting the lack of a specific canon addressing this issue. Despite challenges, there are possibilities for future courtroom technology including video conferencing, AI-enabled transcription services, holograms, and asynchronous proceedings.

While Schlegel emphasized the importance of maintaining in-person courtroom proceedings, he believes that a significant portion of court activities can be conducted virtually, leading to increased speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for the public.

Overall, the future of courtroom technology remains uncertain, with potential innovations and challenges ahead.

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