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February 20, 2024

Local Farmers Hear About Technology from UNL Experts


  • Local farmers gathered at the Nebraska Dry Bean Growers Association’s annual meeting to discuss farming issues and learn about technology.
  • UNL experts and industry professionals presented on topics such as drone technology for spraying, innovative irrigation systems, disease detection for crops, and GPS guidance systems.

At the Nebraska Dry Bean Growers Association’s annual meeting, farmers from across the state came together to discuss the future of farming and learn about the latest technologies. The event featured presentations from UNL experts, industry professionals, and vendors, highlighting key advancements and innovations in the agricultural sector.

John Westra, the director of the UNL Panhandle Research, Extension and Education Center, introduced the new entomologist on staff, Pin-Chu Lai, who discussed her research background and plans to work with farmers to improve pest responses. The panel also included experts like Dan Fitts, Jeremy Becker, Wei-Zhen Liang, and John Thomas, who discussed topics ranging from drone technology for pesticide application to innovative irrigation systems.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the potential for technologies like drones, advanced irrigation systems, and GPS guidance to revolutionize farming practices and increase efficiency. Farmers expressed interest in adopting these technologies to enhance crop yield and sustainability.

Overall, the event provided valuable insights into the future of farming and the role of technology in shaping the industry. Farmers left with new ideas and strategies to implement on their farms, showcasing the importance of staying informed about the latest developments in agricultural technology.

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