Primera Technology reveals innovative label applicator.

February 21, 2024


  • Primera Technology has unveiled a new label applicator, the AP380 Label Applicator, designed for round or cylindrical containers.
  • Priced at $1,595, the applicator offers increased speed, precision, and efficiency in label application.

Primera Technology, Inc. has introduced the AP380 Label Applicator, a state-of-the-art device designed to streamline the label application process on round or cylindrical containers. Priced at $1,595, the AP380 boasts approximately 30 percent faster speed than previous models, ensuring swift and accurate label application for a seamless finish. The applicator features an all-new label liner rewinder to keep waste material off the floor and optimize operations.

Key features of the AP380 Label Applicator include impeccable precision in label application, enhanced speed capabilities for increased efficiency, automatic rewinding of waste liner during label application, and an intuitive design for easy operation. The applicator is equipped with a reliable mechanical flag switch instead of ultrasonic sensors, making it robust and easy to use.

Mark D. Strobel, vice president of sales and marketing at Primera, expressed excitement about the new applicator, emphasizing its advancements in label application technology. The AP380 complements Primera’s range of label printing and applicator solutions, providing a consistent and professional look across all packages. Manufactured in the United States, the applicator is compatible with labels produced through various printing methods.

In conclusion, the AP380 Label Applicator from Primera Technology offers a significant advancement in label application technology, enhancing production rates and elevating product presentation. With its precision, speed, and ease of use, the AP380 is set to become a top choice for semi-automatic labeling needs in the industry.

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