Tyler Perry halts studio growth due to advanced AI technology.

February 23, 2024


Director Tyler Perry has put his $800 million studio expansion on hold indefinitely after being impressed by OpenAI’s Sora program, which can turn text into video clips. Perry sees potential in AI for the film industry but is concerned about potential job losses and the need for regulation to protect workers in Hollywood.

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Director Tyler Perry recently announced that his $800 million studio expansion has been put on hold indefinitely after discovering the capabilities of OpenAI’s Sora program, which can convert text into one-minute video clips. The advancement in AI technology allows the program to “understand and simulate the physical world in motion.” Perry recognizes the potential for AI in the film industry but is also worried about potential job losses as a result of increased automation.

Perry expressed concerns about the impact of AI on the film industry, emphasizing the need for regulations to protect workers. He mentioned that AI could significantly reduce production costs, leading companies to opt for automation instead of hiring human workers. Despite not feeling pressured to use AI personally, Perry has already incorporated AI technology in two of his upcoming films, allowing him to save time and resources on location shoots and special effects.

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists has taken steps to protect performers by requiring consent and compensation for the use of AI in film and television productions. Additionally, a bipartisan task force in the House has been established to regulate AI technologies, with Perry urging Congress to prioritize the protection of workers in Hollywood who may be negatively affected by automation.

Overall, Perry’s decision to pause his studio expansion highlights the potential challenges and opportunities presented by AI technology in the entertainment industry, signaling a need for thoughtful regulation and consideration of its impact on jobs and creativity.

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