Ask a Trooper how new tech aids first responders now

February 24, 2024


  • New technology called RapidDeploy Radius is helping first responders pinpoint accurate locations in emergencies
  • The technology allows for quick communication with those in need and can overcome language barriers

An article on the Albert Lea Tribune website discusses the benefits of new technology, RapidDeploy Radius, for first responders. This technology, offered by the Emergency Communication Networks division, allows public safety telecommunicators to locate those in need of help with pinpoint accuracy. In a recent incident, a public safety telecommunicator was able to quickly locate a caller in need of urgent medical attention by sending a text message with a link to share their location. This saved valuable time and allowed first responders to provide medical attention promptly. The technology also includes a built-in translation feature to overcome language barriers, which has proved beneficial for non-English speaking households in Minnesota.

The RapidDeploy technology has been praised for its ability to save lives by providing quick and accurate location information, often before the caller is even aware of it. The technology is constantly being adapted to meet the needs of Minnesota residents, and public safety agencies are encouraged to utilize it in emergencies. With nearly 700,000 people in Minnesota speaking languages other than English in their homes, rapid translation services during emergencies are crucial for effective communication and response.

Overall, the article highlights the importance of time in emergency situations and how cutting-edge technology like RapidDeploy Radius is helping first responders save lives by quickly locating those in need and overcoming language barriers.

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