Discover the impact of technology on grief in CURIOUS Issue 20.

February 25, 2024


Issue 20 of CURIOUS explores the question of whether technology helps or harms grief. The magazine covers topics such as personality tests, sunken cities, and roaming rocks in Romania. Exclusive interviews and excerpts are also included. Subscribe to the IFLScience newsletter to receive the latest issue each month.

In Issue 20 of CURIOUS, the magazine delves into the impact of technology on the grieving process. It explores how technology is changing the way we process death and the emotions that come with it.

The issue also raises questions about personality tests, examining whether personalities can truly be categorized into neat boxes. Additionally, it investigates how sunken cities end up underwater and the history that is lost to the sea as a result.

Readers can also learn about roaming rocks in Romania, famous for their mysterious movement and growth patterns. The magazine features an exclusive interview with author Dr. Jen Gunter and an excerpt from her new book on menstruation.

With news, diary dates, and recommendations on what to see, watch, and read, Issue 20 offers a comprehensive look at intriguing scientific topics. Subscribe to the IFLScience newsletter to receive each monthly issue of CURIOUS directly to your inbox.

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