Samsung leads AI chip development with cutting-edge technology.

February 25, 2024


– Samsung Electronics is introducing cutting-edge technology for Compute Express Link (CXL) DRAM to enhance data processing speed and strengthen its position in the AI memory chip market.

– Samsung is expanding cooperation with Arm to boost its foundry business and enhance technical competitiveness in semiconductor manufacturing.

In a move to solidify its position as a leader in AI chip technology, Samsung Electronics is set to unveil cutting-edge technology for Compute Express Link (CXL) DRAM in March. This new technology aims to enhance data processing speed and bolster Samsung’s competitiveness in the AI memory chip market, where it faces stiff competition from rivals like SK hynix and TSMC. Samsung plans to present its CXL DRAM technology and vision at the upcoming MemCon 2024 conference in Silicon Valley, showcasing its commitment to innovation in the semiconductor industry.

In addition to its focus on AI memory chips, Samsung is also strengthening its presence in the foundry business by expanding cooperation with chip design company Arm. By optimizing Arm’s system-on-chip (SoC) design assets for Samsung’s latest gate-all-around (GAA) process technology, Samsung aims to enhance technical competitiveness and stay ahead of the curve in semiconductor manufacturing. This strategic partnership reflects Samsung’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

With the global CXL market projected to grow substantially in the coming years, Samsung’s leadership in this space is crucial for maintaining its competitive edge. By introducing CXL DRAM products and solidifying partnerships with key industry players like Arm, Samsung is positioning itself as a key player in the AI chip market and the semiconductor industry at large.

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