Blu Clarity selects Irys Insurtech as core technology platform.

February 26, 2024

Article Summary


  • Blu Clarity partners with Irys Insurtech as its foundational technology platform.
  • This collaboration allows for real-time quoting, binding, and policy servicing.

Blu Clarity, a value-based risk management solutions provider, has selected Irys Insurtech as its foundational technology platform. This strategic move enables Blu Clarity to efficiently quote and bind policies in real-time with any Irys platform user. By leveraging Irys’s unique technology, the partnership aims to streamline data exchange processes for sales and policy servicing. Pascal Ray, CEO of Blu Clarity, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, emphasizing how it enhances operational efficiency and customer interactions. The seamless connectivity within the insurance ecosystem from initial quotes to ongoing policy management is a key feature of this partnership. Margeaux Giles, CEO of Irys, expressed the vision of transforming the insurance industry through technology by supporting Blu Clarity’s sustainability mission. Overall, this partnership signifies a step towards revolutionizing insurance processes and enhancing customer experiences in the digital realm.

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