SYCN Auto Logistics: Tailored technology for specialized relocation solutions.

February 27, 2024


  • SYCN Auto Logistics introduces specialized relocation solutions with tailored technology and custom services.
  • The company leverages cutting-edge AI technology and a team of relocation experts to enhance the transferee experience.

Syn Auto Logistics has emerged as a leader in the automotive relocation sector, offering specialized solutions that combine advanced AI technology with the expertise of seasoned relocation specialists. The company’s strategic approach focuses on providing unparalleled service to address the evolving needs of the relocation industry. By leveraging a comprehensive suite of AI technology and specialized services, SYCN Auto Logistics ensures complete transparency throughout the relocation process for transferees, RMCs, Van Lines, Independent Movers, and other technology partners in the industry.

The company’s technology allows partners to obtain instant quotes for multiple auto transport service options, book orders, track shipments in real-time, access electronic documentation, and enjoy customized reporting and accounting functions. This cloud-based technology can be integrated seamlessly with existing tech stacks and provides tools for partners to secure more auto transport business, support lump sum programs, corporate affinity programs, and direct-to-consumer model initiatives. Additionally, SYCN Auto Logistics offers specialized relocation services such as storage options, executive services, airport valet services, and drive-away options, all tailored to enhance the transferee experience.

SYCN Auto Logistics will be showcasing their innovative technology and services at the Moving & Storage Conference in New Orleans, offering live demos to highlight their capabilities. With a focus on revolutionizing the auto logistics industry, SYCN Auto Logistics aims to set new standards in the relocation sector by combining cutting-edge technology with personalized services to meet the unique needs of customers and industry professionals.

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