US-China tech pact renewal hurdles – challenges ahead.

February 27, 2024


  • The U.S.-China Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement is set to expire, and the State Department is negotiating the extension.
  • Critics point out challenges such as China’s restrictions on data sharing and lack of transparency in scientific findings.

A science and technology agreement between the United States and China is set to expire, and the State Department is negotiating to either amend, extend, or strengthen the protections within the agreement. The Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement (STA) serves as a framework for governmental collaborations in science and technology between the two countries. Critics have raised concerns about China’s national science and technology strategies, restrictions on data sharing, and potential military applications of shared research. The Congressional Research Service reported instances where China withheld necessary information for U.S.-funded research in the past.

Advocates for renewing the agreement argue that it is symbolic and helps maintain confidence and collaboration between researchers from both countries. However, some experts suggest that China may still gather information regardless of the agreement, potentially giving them a strategic advantage. The agreement was originally signed in 1979 and has been renewed approximately every five years. Last August, it received a six-month extension as negotiations for amendment and strengthening of terms took place between the two countries.

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