Exciting tech update at Walmart’s Sam’s Club for faster shopping.

February 29, 2024


  • Sam’s Club is introducing new technology for quicker checkout using computer vision and A.I.
  • The technology aims to verify payments and eliminate the need for manual receipt checks.

Sam’s Club, a Walmart-owned warehouse club, is implementing new exit technology that utilizes computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to make the checkout process quicker and more convenient for customers. This technology will capture images of shopping carts and verify payments in real-time, eliminating the need for manual receipt checks at the exit. The company is piloting this technology at 10 locations, with plans to expand it to all clubs by the end of the year. This move positions Sam’s Club as the first retailer to implement such technology at this scale.

In addition to the new checkout technology, Sam’s Club is also offering digital cake ordering through its app, allowing members to customize cakes, schedule pickups, and shop for groceries in one transaction. This feature has rolled out in 30 locations and will be expanded to all clubs throughout 2024. The app also includes features like an A.I.-powered prompt to help members remember their favorite items and Sam’s Cash.

The company’s interim chief product officer, Todd Garner, expressed pride in the deployment of advanced technologies that enhance the shopping experience for both members and associates. Sam’s Club is committed to combining the art of retailing with cutting-edge technology to create a seamless and convenient shopping experience. These changes reflect the company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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