Lycra’s XFIT Bi-Stretch Denim for all sizes, not just skinny.

February 29, 2024


  • Lycra’s XFIT Bi-Stretch Denim technology is changing the game for stretch fabrics in denim.
  • The patented innovation allows for more integrated stretch and a more natural cotton texture.

In a recent article by Kate Nishimura, Lycra reintroduces its XFIT Stretch Denim Technology, which is revolutionizing the use of stretch fabrics in denim beyond skinny jeans. Ebru Ozaydin, the strategic marketing director of denim and ready-to-wear for The Lycra Company, highlights the versatility and comfort of XFIT technology, which uses a double-beam approach to create a more stable and stretchy fabric without the common problems associated with stretch denim.

The technology has gained traction in recent years, with mills in China and Pakistan investing in the double-beam technology to produce a variety of textiles with high-recovery stretch and improved color fastness. Lycra XFIT fabrics provide true 360-degree fabric flexibility and exhibit less compression than conventional bi-stretch denim constructions. The technology also adds to Lycra’s sustainable offering, enhancing garment durability and fit for a longer-lasting wearing experience.

Overall, Lycra’s XFIT Bi-Stretch Denim Technology is making waves in the denim industry, offering a new way to incorporate stretch fabrics across different styles and silhouettes while maintaining the natural texture and aesthetic of denim.

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