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February 29, 2024


  • South West Water plans to send 6,000 smart detection devices to customers in Devon and Cornwall to help detect leaks.
  • The technology, called LeakBot, can alert customers to leaks and send out engineers for repairs if needed.

South West Water is implementing a new strategy to address customer leaks by deploying smart detection technology in homes in Devon and Cornwall. The water company will distribute 6,000 devices known as ‘LeakBots’ to customers in the region as part of a trial that will last for six months. If successful, this initiative could be expanded across a wider area.

The Drought and Resilience Director of South West Water, David Harris, stated that this technology will play a crucial role in quickly identifying and repairing leaks. The LeakBot can be attached near a stop tap on a water pipe to detect continuous water flow within a property and send alerts to the customer’s smartphone. If a leak is detected and the customer cannot fix it, South West Water will send out an engineer free of charge for repairs.

South West Water is utilizing various technologies, including satellites, drone pilots, and even detection dogs, to address around 2,000 leaks monthly in the region. Craig Foster, the CEO of Ondo, the company behind LeakBot, highlighted that previous trials resulted in a 60% reduction in water leaks within homes. Looking ahead, the collaboration with South West Water aims to prevent unnecessary wastage through domestic leaks and improve water efficiency in the region.

This trial aligns with South West Water’s efforts to reduce leaks and support customers in becoming more water-efficient. By harnessing innovative technology like LeakBot, South West Water aims to involve customers in the process of reducing leakage, with the ultimate goal of minimizing water waste and improving overall water management in the region.

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