Discover Plan Ceibal’s top tech insights for education success in Uruguay.

March 13, 2024



  • Plan Ceibal in Uruguay distributed personal computers to all students and teachers in public education.
  • Key insights include the importance of technology-enhanced learning, digital citizenship, innovation at scale, and educators’ role in the digital era.

Inspired by the One Laptop Per Child initiative, Plan Ceibal in Uruguay has been a pioneer in distributing personal computers to all students and teachers in public education. Over the years, it has focused on improving educational quality, promoting equality of opportunities, developing a collaborative culture, and promoting digital literacy. Key insights from Plan Ceibal include:

  1. Technology-enhanced learning: Edutech can drive social learning and offers opportunities for different learning contexts.
  2. Digital citizenship: Focus on developing users’ skills to handle online challenges like cyberbullying and online security.
  3. Innovation at scale: Implement comprehensive digital education policies and sustain efforts for effective strategies to support student learning.
  4. Educators in the digital era: Emphasize on continuous teacher development, redefine pedagogical strategies, and integrate technology meaningfully in the learning process.

Plan Ceibal has shown that real change in education happens when actors transform their practices, not just through the introduction of technology. The value of digital educational policies lies in offering new possibilities and affordances for learning, exploration, curiosity, and creativity. Innovation in digital education is relevant when scaled up to the whole education system.


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