Minnesota tech tracks worldwide wildlife for scientists with precision and care

March 13, 2024

Article Summary


  • Washington officials used Minnesota-grown tracking technology to locate and destroy invasive “murder hornet” nests.
  • Advanced Telemetry Systems in Isanti, MN, creates trackers for various wildlife, from bees to bears, aiding in global conservation efforts.

Five years ago, “murder hornets” were discovered in Washington state, leading state entomologists to devise a tracking method to locate their nests. By attaching tiny radio tags to the captured hornets, they were able to locate and destroy several nests, with the help of Advanced Telemetry Systems (ATS) technology. ATS, based in Isanti, MN, creates tracking devices for a wide range of animals, from bison to fish, and has helped researchers worldwide gain valuable insights into wildlife behavior and conservation. The company is now developing solar-powered trackers to extend battery life. The article highlights the important role of tracking technology in ecological research and conservation efforts globally.

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