Anocca AB grabs Gene Editing tech from EmendoBio Inc.

March 14, 2024


  • Anocca AB licenses gene editing technology from EmendoBio to support the development of TCR-T therapeutics for solid cancers.
  • EmendoBio’s OMNI-A4 nuclease will help Anocca manufacture high-quality cell therapy products for difficult-to-treat cancers.

Anocca AB, a TCR-T cellular therapeutics company, has entered a non-exclusive licensing agreement with EmendoBio Inc. to utilize EmendoBio‚Äôs novel OMNI-A4 nuclease in the development of their deep pipeline of TCR-T cell therapies for hard-to-treat solid cancers. This partnership aims to enhance manufacturing processes, ensuring precision and efficiency in scaling out production. Anocca’s CEO highlights the importance of integrating this gene editing technology to prepare for their first clinical program targeting the KRAS driver mutation.

EmendoBio’s Director, Dr. Ei Yamada, emphasizes the collaboration’s potential in leveraging gene editing and cellular therapies to improve patient outcomes. The certified GMP compliance and manufacturing license obtained by Anocca in Sweden, coupled with EmendoBio’s technology, signify a significant advancement in T cell therapy.

EmendoBio’s OMNI nucleases are designed to be highly specific for cell therapy applications, reducing off-target effects and enhancing precision in gene editing. Both companies are dedicated to scientific excellence and innovation, showcasing a promising future in T cell therapies and global healthcare improvement.

EmendoBio specializes in CRISPR gene editing, focusing on high precision editing for safe medical applications. Their proprietary technology, OMNI, allows for precise editing with minimal off-target effects, providing a unique advantage in various disease areas. Anocca, on the other hand, is a biopharmaceutical company developing TCR-T therapies for solid tumors, aiming to redefine treatment for difficult-to-treat cancers.

Overall, the collaboration between Anocca AB and EmendoBio Inc. marks a significant step in advancing T cell therapies and underscores the importance of innovation and partnership in the biotechnology sector.

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