DOE grants $750M for innovative hydrogen projects.

March 14, 2024


  • The Department of Energy has awarded $750 million for “clean” hydrogen technology research and development.
  • The funding will increase the production of “clean” hydrogen fuel by 1.3 million metric tons per year.

DOE has announced a new initiative to fund “clean” hydrogen research and development projects to boost the production of hydrogen fuel. The $750 million funding will mainly focus on electrolyzers, fuel cells, and manufacturing processes related to hydrogen. The agency plans to allocate the funding to 52 different projects across various categories, with a significant portion directed towards boosting electrolyzer manufacturing.

Some key awardees include Cummins, General Motors, and Plug Power, who will lead projects to develop new technologies for hydrogen manufacturing and increase production capacity. The funding will also support recycling methods for materials used in hydrogen production, contributing to DOE’s goal of ramping up low to zero carbon hydrogen production to 10 million metric tons by 2030.

However, concerns have been raised about the proposed tax rules for a new hydrogen production tax credit, with industry experts suggesting potential challenges in meeting climate goals if the rules are finalized. Despite this, the funding marks a significant step towards achieving a more sustainable energy future through the advancement of “clean” hydrogen technology.

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