ESS Group opts for Atomize RMS, kicks off tech innovation program.

March 14, 2024



  • ESS Group partners with Atomize RMS for real-time dynamic pricing capabilities
  • They launch a technology innovation program to redefine revenue management

The ESS Group, known for their distinguished destinations and resorts, has partnered with Atomize RMS to leverage its real-time dynamic pricing capabilities. This collaboration aims to enhance revenue management practices and adapt quickly to market demand. The partnership also includes a technology innovation program to redefine revenue management specifically for destination resorts. ESS Group focuses on creating memorable guest experiences across their 15 luxurious hotel and resort destinations, while Atomize RMS offers sophisticated AI-driven solutions for dynamic pricing in over 50 countries. This partnership signifies a shared vision of innovation and excellence within the hospitality sector.

The CEO of Atomize RMS, Alexander Edström, expresses confidence in the transformative results that this partnership will bring, emphasizing their dedication to propelling the hospitality industry forward. Likewise, Anna-Carin Rasmusson, the CCO of ESS Group, is excited to embark on this innovative journey with Atomize, highlighting their shared passion for innovation and excellence. ESS Group and Atomize RMS are committed to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of revenue management within the hospitality sector.


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