Schools gearing up to guide kids through the digital world

March 14, 2024


  • Diana Graber created Cyber Civics to educate kids on digital literacy
  • Study shows that media literacy education is crucial for adolescents

In a world where children are growing up surrounded by technology, it is crucial for them to have a solid understanding of digital literacy. Diana Graber, the founder of Cyber Civics, recognized this need and created a curriculum to educate middle schoolers on how to use technology ethically and wisely. This curriculum covers topics such as ethics, privacy, balance, and decision-making in the digital age, providing students with the necessary foundation to thrive in a technology-driven world.

Research published in the National Library of Medicine emphasizes the importance of media literacy education for adolescents. Traditional strategies like censorship are no longer effective in protecting youth from harmful effects of mass media. Instead, teaching media literacy is seen as the best way to empower adolescents to navigate media messages responsibly and critically.

Schools across the US and internationally have adopted the Cyber Civics curriculum, offering middle schoolers valuable lessons in digital citizenship. Karen Hite, a grade-school teacher, found the curriculum easy to implement and engaging for her students. Lessons range from understanding how computers work to identifying misinformation and making ethical decisions in the digital world.

By educating youth on digital literacy, Cyber Civics helps them develop a healthy relationship with technology, teaching them valuable skills that they will carry into adulthood. The Cyber Civics curriculum serves as a comprehensive resource for teachers and parents alike, addressing important issues regarding technology use in an age-appropriate manner.

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