AVR introduces precision planting with the high-tech Ceres 440 planter.

March 15, 2024

Article Summary


  • AVR unveils the Ceres 440 planter with precision planting technology
  • Crop.zone revolutionizes weed control and potato haulm desiccation

AVR has introduced the Ceres 440, a mounted four-row cup planter that promises to redefine precision planting. The planter features an ISOBUS control system and a row-independent hydraulic drive, as well as the AVR Connect digital platform for optimized planting operations. Precision is key with the Ceres 440, offering high-precision planting elements, a robust frame for accurate depth control, and a row-independent planting element drive for single tuber selection.

The Ceres 440 also offers smart planting features, such as ISOBUS technology for easy connectivity and advanced functionalities like section control. The planter is compatible with a wide range of tools for soil preparation and protection, as well as a high-capacity bunker and cup belt for continuous precision at high speeds. AVR’s Ceres 440 planter leads the way in innovation and performance in modern agriculture.

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