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March 15, 2024


  • Apple’s success has set high expectations for technology in all industries, including dairy.
  • Dairy tech needs to focus on user experience, practicality, and resilience to unique farm challenges.

In the article “Here is What Apple’s Formula Could Mean for Dairy Technology,” the author discusses how Apple’s success has transformed public expectations surrounding technology, emphasizing user-friendly interfaces, data security, and sustainability. With dairy tech continuing to mature, there is a need for new solutions that prioritize user experience, taking cues from Apple’s strategy. Despite challenges such as lack of internet connectivity and environmental factors like dust and moisture, there is a clear demand for agtech solutions that are both technologically advanced and practical.

The dairy sector is already seeing advancements in wearable technology such as collars, ear tags, and smart rumen boluses, which can monitor various aspects of cow health and productivity. Companies are also focusing on early disease detection and instant milk quality analysis. By following Apple’s example of prioritizing user experience and ease of use, dairy tech can drive more efficient, sustainable, and technologically-driven operations in the future. Overall, the dairy industry is moving towards a new era where technology is not only advanced but also readily accessible, aiming to delight users with their experience of technology.

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